My passion is photography. The world is truly a beautiful and colourful place and I attempt to capture this in my photography. I have put a few of my pictures on the galleries in the 'Home' page but have a vast collection of over 1000 pictures.  I will be adding to  the galleries weekly  and will display a few at a time in the 'Shop'  page for download purchase. I am now providing bespoke photography services for those that would like  artistic shots of their practice or for private functions. 

The bespoke photography service will include an initial site visit to your practice to get a feel for your place and take some preliminary shots. The second visit will be a half day  'photography session' where we will capture some unique artistic shots from different angles. The shots will be in high resolution  to allow for website or mural or poster/canvas creation.

One thing I can guarantee is that the shots will be unique and eye catching and will have a hint of quirkiness.

Set of 10 high resolution artistic pictures taken at your premises £950